Accessibility – wheelchair friendly

Åre was the natural choice for us as Totalskidskolan is located here and they offer excellent support for people that would like to ski, in what way the prefer to try. We started by booking a ski course at Totalskidskolan back in 2009. We highly recommend you contacting them for advice and book a course well in advance. During the years until our cabin was finalized, we rented houses and we did not have smooth holidays.

Holiday for people with restricted mobility can be enjoyed in many locations around the world. Limited mobility does not automatically mean limited holiday options; however, this was the case for us in Åre. Our own experience trying to find a suitable accommodation for our needs in Åre was either bad or worse. Either we had to pack all our equipment into the cars and drive to the slopes, try to push 200 meters to the slope as it was no true ski-in/ski-out and we rented houses that excluded full participation for family members. Doors where too narrow, steps inside, no suitable bedrooms on the main level, bathrooms did not work, or other parts of the house and its facilities were not accessible at all. Also – the accommodations were always too small with too few bedrooms for our extended family with assistants, and we needed two cars. It was time consuming, complicated logistically and it came with lots of extra costs. 

So, we decided to build a house specifically designed to fit our needs as well as the needs of wheelchair users and people with restricted mobility. 

Åre Peak Chalet offers: – everyone to be able to go by ski, snowboard, sitski, skicart or similar directly from the chalet- no need for a car transportation- a large chalet that easily accommodates 2 families plus assistants – very high standards in all aspects and all areas spacious- the two main levels fully wheelchair accessible (by installation of a lift)- spacious bedrooms with high quality beds – one bathroom on each main level with suitable sinks and walk-in showers (drive-in)- possibility to drive into the sauna with the wheelchair- the jacuzzi and the balconies are accessible by wheelchair. 

To summarize: the two main floors of 270 sqm living space are accessible by wheelchair to include all members. There is a ramp from the parking area leading up to the entrance balcony. Inside the chalet there are no door thresholds and door openings, and passageways are wide enough. All three balconies covering the house are accessible by wheelchair. All four bedrooms on the main floors are accessible but best suited for wheelchair users are bedroom ‘Lucas’ and ‘Karin’. One bathroom on each main level is accessible and designed with a suitable sink and walk/drive in shower. The sauna has an extra wide door, and it is possible to drive into it with a wheelchair. The door to the outdoor jacuzzi is accessible but you will need manual lift assistance to be able to enter.

We pride ourselves on making sure that your stay in our chalet is as comfortable and relaxing as it can be. We understand there are people with extra needs and want to make your holiday in our chalet enjoyable, comfortable and stress free so please contact us to discuss your individual needs so we can make sure Åre Peak Chalet will work well for you.